Condensing the heart together to create three A

Condensing the heart and striving to create a triple A -- Our hospital seriously implements the deployment of the district committee and sprints to create a triple A work dynamic

The hospital adjusted and enriched the members of the internal audit team, and held several internal audit work meetings;The measures for the performance management of third-level A hospitals, the notice on the adjustment of the internal audit expert group for third-level A hospitals, and the notice on the self-examination problems of grade-level hospitals were issued。

       The whole hospital is working together in strict accordance with the evaluation standards, aiming at the creation of goals, checking the gaps one by one, accelerating the creation of "Top three" hospitals, and further promoting the high-quality development of the health industry in the region。

       At present, all departments of the hospital are actively taking action, everyone participates, and devote their full energy to the creation of the work of Trijia...